Court Marriage in Bulandshahr

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Court Marriage in Bulandshahr

court marriage in bulandshahr

Court marriage is a legal way by which two partners can marry irrespective of their religion and caste. Marriage happens on the mutual consent between two people. The two partners can marry in India according to the various court marriage laws existing that include the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, the Indian Christian Act 1939, and Muslim Marriage Act 1939.

The legitimate and legal process by which two partners can marry is Court Marriage in Bulandshahr. Follow all the rules and regulations carefully while preparing the documents and application form for the court marriage.

Don’t try to forge the documents for court marriage to fasten the procedure. The marriage registrar may cancel your marriage application due to it.

Same-Day Court Marriage in Bulandshahr

You can marry according to your religious rituals. Additionally, you can register your marriage as a single in the court. It can happen in the Court Marriage in Bulandshahr. Marriage registration happens as per the rules and regulations governing same-day judicial marriages.

  • Hindu Marriage Act 1955

Marriage registration can happen in a single day. The two partners are practicing the Hindu religion and married through religious customs. Then, the two married people can apply for the court marriage certification after receiving the Arya Samaj Temple marriage certificate. All these things can happen in a systematic way as per the Hindu Marriage Act 1955.

  • Muslim Marriage Act 1939

The two partners follow the Muslim religion so that they can marry according to the customs of the kazi presence. After the nikah, the married couple can apply for marriage registration in court. They can get their marriage registered in one day.

  • Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act 1936

Court marriage in Bulandshahr can be performed in the Parsi religion in a single day. The two partners must follow the Parsi religion. Both partners can marry through Parsi customs. Then, they can apply for marriage registration on the following day. The entire Parsi marriage and then, court marriage registration finished in a single day.

  • Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872

According to the Indian Christian Marriage Act of 1872, Christians can marry each other as per the rules and regulations present in the act. Both partners have to follow the Christian religion so that they can marry as per the act. The priest performs the church wedding of the two partners. Then, one day required finishing the legal proceedings of marriage in the court.