Court Marriage in Meerut

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Court Marriage in Meerut

The legal process of the wedding between the two partners with mutual consent is court marriage. Furthermore, the Court marriage in Meerut is performed according to the marriage laws existing in India. Court marriage allows people to marry irrespective of their caste and religion. The Article 21 of the Indian Constitution is that everyone holds the right to marry the person of his or her choice. Many laws of marriage registration and court marriage are present in India. Such laws are Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, Anand Marriage Act, Indian Christian & Divorce Act, etc.

Complete Guide for Court Marriage in Meerut

  • Take the consultation of a marriage lawyer

A court marriage lawyer can give a proper consultation of the court marriage. Both partners can marry in a hassle-free way. Many processes are involved in the court marriage process. Therefore, consultation with the marriage lawyer is helpful to finish these processes and paperwork easily.

  • Send the marriage application to the registrar

Send the marriage application form to the registrar in 30 days. Choose one district where you or your partner lives so that the court marriage procedure can complete there. Fill out all the details of the marriage application form and send them to the district’s registrar’s office.

  • Display marriage notice in 30 days

The marriage registrar will put the marriage notice in the marriage notice book in 30 days. Section 6 of the Special Marriage Act 1954 specifies that the marriage office needs to keep a record of application forms. All these details have been kept in the marriage notice book.

  • Receive No Objection Before Court Marriage in Meerut

Under the 7 section of the Special Marriage Act, 1954 is that if anyone has a problem with the marriage. Then, that particular person can object to the marriage. The marriage officer can stop the marriage proceedings and start with investigations regarding the issue. All the things related to the investigation are finished then, the court marriage process starts in the presence of the marriage registrar and witness.

  • Completion of Marriage Procedure

We are aware of the fact that court marriages are different from traditional marriages. No rituals and customs were performed in the Court marriage in Meerut. Both partners who are willing to marry need to sign the declaration form. It is the presence of the 3 witnesses and the marriage registrar. Then, the marriage of the two partners is completed with their mutual consent.

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