Court Marriage in Gurgaon

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Court Marriage in Gurgaon

The court marriage process is conducted easily in Gurgaon. It is a safe and secure process of marriage legally. You and you’re want to marry as per the court marriage laws existing in India including the Muslim Marriage Act of 1939, the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, the Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act of 1936, and the Indian Christian Act of 1939.

Court marriage is a legal process by which two partners can marry with their mutual consent. Follow the rules and regulations carefully applying for the application of court marriage in Gurgaon.

However, people suffer from legal issues by submitting fake documents to fasten the marriage process. Don’t try to submit forged documents in court for marriage. It can cause serious trouble.

Documents need to submit for Court Marriage in Gurgaon

Here is the following list of documents to attach while preparing the application to submit for court marriage in Gurgaon.

  • Attach the class 10th mark sheet or birth certificate.
  • Address Proof Required Documents: Rent Agreement, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and Ration Card
  • ID Proof Documents Required: PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License
  • Spouse Death Certificate: You were previously married. However, if your spouse passed away then, submit the death certificate of the spouse with the address proof and PAN card.
  • Divorce Decree: You obtained a divorce from your previous marriage. Then, submit the divorce decree in court with the application form.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants for Court Marriage

  • Age Requirement for Marriage

In India, there is an age requirement for girls and boys to marry with mutual consent. Therefore, the laws allow girls of the minimum age of 18 years and boys of 21 years of age can marry legally and start their life together. The marriage needs to happen as per mutual consent.

  • Marriage can happen on the partner’s mutual consent

It is important to note that marriage between two partners can happen only with mutual consent in India. The two partners who want to marry give their mutual consent for marriage. At that time, both of them should be mentally stable.

  • Non-prohibited relationships

Types listed some blood relationships in section 3 of the Hindu Marriage Act. It prohibits marriage between such blood relationships.

  • No active relationship while marrying a person

The person should not have any active relationship at the time of marriage with another person. The court knows about it then, considers it illegal, and cancels the court marriage procedures. We provide Court marriage in Gurgaon. You can register for marriage on the same day here. Love Marriage, Intercaste Marriage.