Court Marriage in Delhi

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Process of Court Marriage in Delhi

Court marriage is a common and legal practice of getting married in India’s metro and non-metro cities. The couples decide to get married through legal procedure. The law protects them against discrimination happening due to caste, religion, and other factors. However, the family and society are against the couple. The couple wants to stay together using the legal path so they decide to go for court marriage in Delhi. The Indian Constitution’s Article 15 mentions about right to life and liberty.

Eligibility Criteria of Court Marriage in Delhi

  • The minimum age for boys and girls should be 21 years and 18 years respectively.
  • The mutual consent of two parties is required at the time of getting married.
  • The marrying parties should be of sound mind.
  • Both parties are not in any active relationship staying with their present partner and planning to marry the other one.
  • The two parties should not be in any illegal or prohibited relationship together.

Why is it beneficial to do court marriage?

Court marriage is an economical and simple process of getting married and starting a relationship together between two people. Furthermore, it saves the enormous amount spent on organizing lavish weddings, gifts, and rituals.

It can save time. The two parties want to marry in the Delhi NCR region. Then, they can send their application with the required documents attached to it.

They can marry in one day with the court proceedings and their marriage registered on the same day itself. There are different marriage acts as per the law such as Special Marriage Act, and Hindu Marriage Act.

List of Documents Required for Court Marriage Registration

  • 4 passport-size photos of the bride and groom.
  • Any government identity proof is required such as an aadhar card, PAN card, driving license, passport, or ration card.
  • Both parties require submitting the class 10th, and 12th mark sheets while preparing their application form for the court marriage.
  • The death certificate of the spouse is required to submit when you are a widow/widower getting married.
  • The divorce decree is required to submit with the application form when a divorcee person gets married.

There is the requirement of two witnesses required to remain present at the major age. They should be with the two parties at the time of the court marriage proceedings conducted. The marriage certificate is issued by the court after the declaration by the two parties. The two parties sign on declaration paper then, the court issues the marriage certificate.

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